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We're an investment company securing a sustainable future for our clients, our people, and our world. Our understanding of money is rooted in an even deeper understanding of people.
Apex Holding Services

Aligned Interests.

Because our investors are our priorities, there are no conflicting loyalties getting in the way of focusing on your interests.


Long-term Perspective.

Our strategy is fully researched and designed for the long term, we focus on the long term rather than quarterly results.


Risk Managed

With special care on adequate risk management, it enables us to consistently pass along economies of scale and lower the cost of investing, so you keep more of your returns.

Research Across Markets

Responsible Investment Growth

Multiple Options

We offer a broad range of innovative investment options for every investor’s unique needs.


We strive to deliver the best possible risk-adjusted returns across asset classes, styles and geographies.


We help construct optimized investment portfolios for better client capital growth outcomes.

Client Dedication

Our investment management team have the expertise and the time dedicated to you.


We bring you reassurance from knowing your affairs are in good order.

Well Researched

We have an award-winning research team, who undertake research across markets.

Keen Focus On Our Clients

We would be nothing without our clients. That may seem obvious, but can easily be overlooked. Existing clients’ interests are paramount and we frequently close our products to new business to ensure that the integrity of our strategies and the quality of service are maintained. This commitment to professional excellence ensures clients receive our full attention.

Investment Plans

Our current generation of partners and employees remains single-minded about our clients’ requirements. They are responsible for the careful stewardship of our long-term vision without the distraction of short-term shareholder demands. This ownership structure allows us to attract and retain the best investment talent, creating a distinctive and enduring culture.

Starter package

Suitable for starter
1%/ After 5 Days
  • Minimum - $200
  • Maximum - $99,999
  • Duration - After 5 Days
  • 24/7 Client Support

Investor package

Suitable for professionals
2%/ After 5 Days
  • Minimum - $100,000
  • Maximum - Unlimited
  • Duration - After 5 Days
  • 24/7 Client Support
Innovative, High-performing Options

Invested In Stronger Relationships








What Our Clients Say About US

  • One of the hardest things to do in any business is to establish trust and confidence but they did that, and then some! By periodically providing updates on the industry, they kept me up-to-date so I knew I always had options as my investments grew.

    Paul Markie
    Helsinki, Finland
  • Superb investment service! Their consultative search process and sensitive approach in managing advisor relationships are not only seen as special, but as a defining piece of the Apex Holding Services’ brand experience.

    Chloe Lopez
    Reykjavik, Iceland
  • Apex Holding Services are keen about my needs, my goals, my aspirations, my future—and not about ‘selling’ me into something that could prove to be a bad fit or career move. I was grateful I could trust them and that they always had my best interests at heart.”

    Aubrey Thomas
    Wellington, New Zealand
  • Every firm has capabilities and people with good experience and industry knowledge. Not many take time to slow down and listen, develop a personal connection, and make recommendations based on altruism and selflessness. Apex Holding Services does that.

    Mason Miller
    Oslo, Norway
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