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Investor Guide

Is Apex Holding Services regulated?
How do I open an account?
What are the minimum deposit amounts?
Are there any fees for deposits?
Are my deposits safe and secure?
What payment methods can I use to fund my account(s)?
How many times can I withdraw?
What are your withdrawal procedures?
Do you offer a referral commission?
Stages of withdrawal
Is there a reinvestment limit?

Yes, Apex Holding Services is a registered and regulated Luxembourg investment firm with company number B215919. You can learn more by clicking Here.

Opening an account with is easy. You need to click on the register link, fill in your details and you will be redirected to our Sirius portal. You can easily start using your dashboard.

The minimum amount for deposit is 200 USD.

We do not charge any fees on deposits.

Our website is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All sensitive information submitted by our clients is automatically transferred by SSL to a secure environment. Our cashier is PCI Level 1 Merchant compliant and ensures that all your data is secured.

You can transfer funds through Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. All the details are made available in the deposit section of your portal.

You may request a withdraw as many times as you deem necessary.

When you want to withdrawal money from your account you need to login to your portal. Click on the Withdraw tab from the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage and complete the relevant information. You can withdraw only your available balance. Please always consider the amount you want to withdraw when you have any open positions.

Yes, we do. You earn as high as 7% at the first level and 3% at the second level on every successful referral you make.

Please take note of the following stages of withdrawals on our platform:

1. First Stage Withdrawals:
• You can request withdrawals between $200 to $1000 during the initial stage. This allows for smaller withdrawals to meet your immediate financial needs.

2. Second Stage Withdrawals:
• As you progress and your investment grows, we have expanded withdrawal options.
• During the second stage, you can request withdrawals ranging from $5000 to $15000. This allows for more substantial withdrawals to support larger financial requirements.

3. Third Stage Withdrawals:
• Upon reaching the third stage, we offer even greater flexibility.
• You can request withdrawals between $20000 to $100,000 during this stage. This provides the opportunity to access a more significant portion of your investment returns when needed.

4. Fourth Stage Withdrawals:
• Congratulations! As you advance to the fourth stage, you enjoy the highest level of flexibility.
• You can request withdrawals starting from $200,000 and beyond. This stage provides you with the freedom to withdraw larger sums as your investment continues to grow.

Please keep in mind that the stages of withdrawals are designed to ensure a balanced approach to managing our financial resources, while also accommodating your changing financial needs. Our aim is to provide a sustainable and equitable withdrawal system for all members.
If you have any questions or require further clarification, our dedicated support team is available to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

There is no reinvestment limit imposed by our company. This means that you have the flexibility to reinvest your returns without any restrictions on the maximum amount you can reinvest.

However, we have set certain guidelines for adding funds on or before the 5th reinvestment. These guidelines are designed to ensure a balanced and sustainable approach to managing your investments. Please take note of the following:

On the Starter Plan: We encourage you to add funds up to 10% of your account balance on/before making the 5th reinvestment. This allows for steady growth and maximizes the potential returns on your investment.

On the Investor Plan: For subsequent reinvestments, we kindly request that you add funds up to 5% of your account balance. This helps maintain a prudent approach while still providing an opportunity for growth.

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